The Key to Female Orgasm

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". . . The function of the sex act is to stabilize the human psyche . . . tender and affectionate feelings and the sensual feelings have to unite!"
- Sigmund Freud

Orgasm the Natural Way

A Marriage Science production


 The coital alignment research was motivated by Sigmund Freud's vision that the sex act "requires a specific and adequate activity" that leads to a complete orgasm release for man and woman. In the original study on coital alignment, women consistently attained the "no hands" orgasm — Freud's "vaginal orgasm."

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An educational video based on the discovery of the Coital Alignment Technique by Edward W. Eichel, its principal researcher.

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a fundamental sexual position and a coordinated form of sexual movement that facilitates female orgasm. The video, “Orgasm the Natural Way,” thoroughly discusses the technique and includes real-time footage that demonstrates how this "new intercourse" makes it possible for a woman to climax during sexual intercourse. In addition, the technique often leads to simultaneous orgasm — the natural potential of the sex act.

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