The Key to Female Orgasm

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Orgasm the Natural Way

A Marriage Science production


Edward W. Eichel's research on the Coital Alignment technique has been successfully replicated in studies published in journals and featured in the media, including:

Bottom Line Personal, Cosmopolitan, Donahue,
GQ, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, L'Espresso,
Medical Tribune (Germany), Men's Confidential,
Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Redbook,
The Village Voice, The New York Times

Below are a few examples of acclaim for Mr. Eichel's work:

Erica Jong
The New York Times

"In the '70s it was the joy of sex, in the '80s it was the G spot,
and in the '90s it's the Coital Alignment Technique.

Arthur Spiegelman

"In a nation inundated with warnings about safe sex and often fearful
of any sex in the age of AIDS, "The Perfect Fit" has come at a perfect time."


"Want the earth to do more than just move?
Try this deliciously innovative technique take off together!

Washington Post

"An unblushing how-to manual that promises
new heights of satisfaction, particularly for women."


"The greatest thing for sex since the invention of the bed
a new lovemaking position that delivers powerful climaxes!"


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