The Key to Female Orgasm

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Orgasm the Natural Way

  by Edward W. Eichel

A Marriage Science production



 Part 1 is a comprehensive instruction in the coital alignment technique. The position of alignment and the coordination of sexual movement are defined. The progression from coordinated movement to the reflexive movements of orgasm is shown in real time footage. A comparison is made between aligned and unaligned intercourse, explaining how the CAT works and why unaligned intercourse has almost always failed to satisfy women (and men as well ).



Part 2 illustrates the anatomy of sexual response, demonstrating how the CAT provides effective stimulation to facilitate female orgasm, and leads to a complete and synchronized sexual response of partners – a biological optimum. An animated segment depicts an “x-ray” vision of the primary erogenous zones in motion, showing the genital traction process that facilitates a complete coital orgasm. This simple anatomy lesson explains what a man and woman are doing, and why, when learning the new intercourse.



Part 3 provides an historic overview of sex research that shows how pioneers of sexology often recognized features of coital alignment – the overview makes it evident that the discovery of a basic physical alignment for intercourse was inevitable; it is shown how many researchers, past and present, were consistent in their findings and insights, although a pedagogy of the technique was not formulated until the coital alignment research. Studies replicating the CAT are reviewed, reporting on the first effective model for sex therapy that led to the “no hands” orgasm for women (Freud’s “vaginal orgasm”). New findings by leading medical researchers indicate that the CAT is an elegant anatomic design. Their findings are explained in relation to the CAT model and some implications for health and pathology are noted.


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